More about FibreWire:

Q: When will FibreWire Internet be ready for me to use?

A: The infrastructure will continue to be laid over the coming months. Updates on our progress will be announced, including a timeframe as to when the network will be live.

Q: How will I know FibreWire Internet is in my neighbourhood?

A: As we install FibreWire Internet cables in each neighbourhood across the island, emails and phone calls are being made to residents and businesses alike. Please ensure One Communications is added to your inbox to ensure our messages are received.

Q: Do I need to change my modems and routers to use FibreWire Internet?

A: FibreWire Internet will work best with our merged Access and ISP services. If you currently subscribe to separate internet services and are interested in combining them for monthly savings and an improved online experience, contact us at 700.7100 to speak with us about your options.

Q: Will I automatically be switched to FibreWire Internet when it’s ready?

A: An announcement will be made to the public and directly to our valued customers once the service is available for subscription. We look forward to offering you new and improved value plans, optimizing your internet experience.

Q: Will FibreWire Internet impact my TV service with you?

A: At this time, our FibreWire rollout will focus on greatly improving your internet experience. Improvements to our TV product are currently being addressed. Once available, we will make the necessary announcements.